Make Core Memories at Our Apple Orchard

Make Core Memories at Our Apple Orchard

Spend the day apple picking in Flint, MI

At Damouni Orchards, we believe there's nothing sweeter than apple picking with your loved ones. Every September, we open our orchard in Flint, MI to our friends and neighbors in the Genesee County area. Our guests are invited to pick half bushels or full bushels. You won't need a ladder to reach the apples on our dwarf apple trees - which is why our farm is the perfect place for families with children.

Need a break from picking apples? Restore your energy with a cup of apple cider and some apple cider donuts.

Know your apples

You'll love making memories with your family at Damouni Orchards in Flint, MI. Picking apples is a simple and fun activity that even small children can enjoy. You're sure to make it a yearly tradition.

When you visit our orchard for apple picking, you can get:

  • Gala apples - A sweet, reddish-orange apple with a crisp, almost crunchy texture
  • Fuji apples - A sweet and crisp apple that's usually red with yellow or green striping
  • Honeycrisp apples - A sweet and sour apple that's mottled red with yellow undertones
  • Royal Red apples - A sweeter version of the Honeycrisp apple with a deeper red coloring
  • EverCrisp apples - A sweet, juicy apple that's similar to Honeycrisp with a slightly tangy flavor
  • Premier Honeycrisp apples - A sweet and sour apple that ripens faster than Honeycrisp apples
  • Granny Smith apples - A tangy and tart apple that’s light green with white speckles 
  • Yellow Delicious apples - A very sweet and crisp apple with a rich golden yellow color 

When you're done picking apples, don't forget to grab one of our delicious apple cider donuts.

Start planning your trip today. We can't wait to see you.